The Accreditation Process

The Process: Step-by-Step

Step One: Choose a level

The agency determines the level of accreditation it would like to attain.

  • Level I: Pre-Certification

    • Agencies complete and submit a self study
    • Review of 10% of cases (up to 35)
    • Phone and email interviews with staff
  • Level II: Accreditation

    • All aspects of Level I
    • On-site interviews and evaluation
    • Level required to meet state licensure requirements

Step Two: Application

The agency completes the application and submits it to NAHC. Once the application is accepted, NAHC sends the agency the online survey for completion.

Once the agency has submitted their completed application with all attachments it will be referred to scheduling. The agency will be notified within 90 days.

Step Three: Review

The agency completes the survey; attaches supporting documents, including caseload and personnel records; and submits it all to NAHC for review.

The reviewer assesses the submitted survey and arranges for telephonic interviews of key managers and staff.

The reviewer provides the agency with findings based on the available facts and allows the agency to respond.

Final Step: Findings & Accreditation

A final report of findings and recommendations is presented to the Review Findings Committee with a suggestion for accreditation or follow-up.

Over time, a subset of accredited agencies will be randomly selected for unannounced on-site visits.

All agencies are required to have a written competency test for direct service providers. An additional hands-on demonstration is required for Level II.


An application fee (roughly 50% of the final yearly fee) must accompany the completed application, of which $500 will be credited towards the first year’s accreditation fee. This entire application fee is non-refundable and excludes actual site-visitation costs of the reviewers (travel, lodging, food, etc.).

An annual accreditation fee is due commencing with the date the organization is accredited. The fee is billed every year for three years. Once an organization is accepted into the Accreditation Program, it must maintain good standing with Home Care University by paying accreditation fees annually, and complying with the established Accreditation Program Standards and procedures.

The annual accreditation fee is based on the organization’s GROSS revenue for the prior calendar year. Fees are as follows:

Level I Fees

Total Revenue Level I
NAHC Members
Level I
Over $3,000,000





$1,000,000 - $3,000,000





Under $1,000,000





Level II Fees

Total Revenue Level II
NAHC Members1
Level II
Over $3,000,000





$1,000,000 - $3,000,000





Under $1,000,000





1 Travel and other expenses involved in the in-person visits mean there will be additional, variable costs.
Breakdown of travel and other expenses

The surveyor daily rate is $1500. Visits for accreditation average about two (2) days.

If, at the surveyor's sole discretion, the Agency is deemed unprepared the surveyor may cease the survey. There is a $2200 termination fee in this event.

More about HCU Accreditation

It is essential to establish standards that provide a framework on which to build a quality private duty organization. This framework, based on standards, will ultimately contribute to consumer protection for those served by the private duty home care organizations. This is exactly what is happening within many states right now: the need to put some type of standards in place with possible regulation by the state legislation.

The accreditation process requires an organization to undertake a comprehensive self examination of all aspects of the business. This is accomplished through a self study which serves as a detailed check list for compliance with the standards.

With rapid growth and new business opportunities in private pay home care services, the basic values of home care's rich heritage must be upheld from the business plan to the daily operations of service delivery to the clients and families. These values include caring, ethics in business, lifelong learning, leadership through service, and promotion of health and independence and peaceful death.

Qualifications for Applicants

Agencies operating under any auspice can apply for accreditation provided they meet the following criteria:

  • The agency provides home care aide services.
  • The agency directly employs and pays home care aides.
  • The agency has been in operation for a minimum of one year and handled at least 25 cases.
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